Working Live Policy


This Policy applies to any work on LOW VOLTAGE electrical equipment on any site/premises where our workers are operating.

Live work is not permitted on HIGH VOLTAGE equipment – this work shall only be performed by suitably trained and competent personnel with appropriate training and high voltage switching, permit issue and permit acceptance procedures. A licensed electrician does not meet this standard without additional training.


To ensure that we provide an ‘electrically safe’ workplace for the safety of workers, the customer and others that may enter any of our sites/premises.

Live electrical work including Fault Finding and live testing is not permitted on any of our site/premises UNLESS THE LIVE WORK PROCEDURE IS STRICTLY ADHERED TO.

For the purpose of this Policy Live-Work is divided into two types:

Fault Finding & Live Testing that can only be performed live when it complies with the Flow Chart shown in Figure 1.

All other instances of live work are expressly forbidden unless a Safe Work Method Statement is prepared based on the Flow Chart shown in Figure 1, then reviewed and approved by the QTP.


QTP – is responsible for making sure that this Policy and associated Procedures are implemented as appropriate by those listed below and that an effectiveness review of this Policy is untaken regularly (at least every 12 months).

Workers – are responsible for implementing the proposed risk controls detailed on the APPROVED Safe Work Method Statement prior to commencing any live work in accordance with the Working Live Procedure.

Figure 1 Live Work Process Chart