Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure The Business and workers are aware of hazards whilst at work either in an office environment or out in the field and the need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
PPE will be provided and used when it has been determined that its use is required to ensure the safety and health of our workers and that such use will lessen the likelihood of occupational injury and/or illness.


This policy applies to all workers of The Business.



Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that users properly maintain their PPE in good condition and monitor worker’s correct use of the PPE.


The PPE user is responsible for following the requirements of this PPE policy:

  1. Properly wearing PPE as required.
  2. Attending required training sessions.
  3. Properly caring for, cleaning, maintaining, and inspecting PPE as required.
  4. Following The Business PPE policies and rules.
  5. Informing the supervisor of the need to repair or replace PPE.
  6. Workers who repeatedly disregard and do not follow PPE policies and rules will be subject to the disciplinary procedures of The Business.


Any worker required to wear PPE will receive training in the proper use and care of PPE before being allowed to perform work requiring the use of PPE. Periodic retraining will be offered to PPE users as needed. The training will include, but not necessarily be limited to, the following subjects:

  • When PPE is necessary to be worn?
  • What PPE is necessary?
  • How to properly put on, remove, adjust, and wear PPE?
  • The limitations of the PPE
  • The proper care, maintenance, useful life, and disposal of the PPE

After the training, the workers will demonstrate that they understand how to use PPE properly, or they will be retrained.

Cleaning & Maintenance of PPE

It is important that all PPE be kept clean and properly maintained. Cleaning is particularly important for eye and face protection where dirty or fogged lenses could impair vision. Workers must inspect, clean, and maintain their PPE according to the manufacturers’ instructions before and after each use.

PPE will be replaced on a fair wear and tear basis or as otherwise required.

(Make available manufacturers’ cleaning and care instructions for all PPE provided to your workers)

The Business will conduct, review, and update the hazard assessments for PPE whenever:

  • A job changes
  • New equipment or process is installed
  • There has been an accident
  • Whenever a supervisor or worker requests it
  • Or at least every year

Any new PPE requirements that are developed will be added into The Business’ written accident prevention program.