First Aid

The names and contact numbers of the first aid officer/s are posted on first aid boxes and notice boards.

Please make yourself aware of your nearest first aid box and how to contact a first aider now, before an incident happens.


  • First aid kits and first aid rooms should be clearly marked with first aid signs;
  • Where practicable First Aid Personnel’s names should be displayed near or adjacent to the kits;
  • Updated lists of the telephone numbers of emergency personnel and organisations should be clearly displayed; and
  • All signs should comply with AS 1319 – Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

Restocking and Reserve Stocks

A person shall be nominated who is responsible for the first aid kit including:

  • Regularly evaluating the first aid facilities and services;
  • Checking first aid kits restocked and replenishing contents;
  • Recommending actions about use, contents, modification and maintenance.

First Aid Records

  • Records of first aid given to workers are to be maintained;
  • Keep updated list of nearest Ambulance Service; doctor for emergency care; hospital with an accident & emergency department; Poisons Information Centre and emergency services.
  • Use the Incident Report Form as required;
  • A book should be provided in the first aid kit to record items used.

Confidentiality of Information

  • Personal information about the health of a worker or other person is confidential. Disclosure of first aid administered shall be on a need-to-know basis, normally restricted to health professionals, and Management for purposes of incident investigation and statistics.


All first aid supplies are to be stored in a clean, dry location.

First Aid Process

  • Information about first aid facilities and services shall be provided to all workers on commencement of employment. Information about specific hazards in the workplace and changes affecting the provision and use of first aid facilities and services shall be made available as required to all workers;
  • First aid kits will be supplied in centrally located workplaces. Smaller kits will be provided in vehicles;
  • Protective gloves (disposal PVC or latex) are to be used if there is a potential to come into contact with blood or bodily substances;
  • A disposal resuscitation mask should be used for administering resuscitation (if another type is used a system must be in place to clean the mask);
  • If a spill kit is available a system must be implemented to inspect the kit regularly for items such as disinfectant, cleaning agents to ensure that are still in current date;
  • First aid kits are to be regularly inspected for out of date items or for the purpose of restocking;
  • A content list must be included in the first aid kits;

Note: Under no circumstances shall medication be issued.