Energy Management Advice Policy

We are committed to ensuring professional advice is provided to any customer seeking guidance in Energy Efficiency matters relating to electrical products and services. An important component of ensuring this appropriate level of advice is to ensure that advice is only provided by persons with the necessary qualifications and skills to provide that advice. This is based on both formal training and industry experience in the field of energy efficiency advice.

Organisational Commitment

In line with our commitment above business recognises that advice relating to energy efficiency provided by persons without appropriate qualification and skills may result in poor quality advice and actions resulting in litigation and reputation damage to both The Business and the Master Electrician Brand.

Resource Commitment

We will ensure that all necessary resources (including amenities, equipment and people) will be made accessible to ensure appropriate systems are implemented so that we can ensure Energy Management advice is only provided by suitably qualified and skilled persons.

Energy Advice System Requirement

The Business will make it a key priority to ensure that:

  • All workers in the business understand and commit to this policy
  • Any person providing Energy Management advice to a customer of The Business has appropriate skills and qualification at least equal to;

Table 1: System Requirements

Compulsory plus either (a) and/or (b) And/or – depending on nature of business And/or – depending on nature of business
Criteria MEEE course And/or – depending on nature of business ISO 14001
Or CEC Certification Cert IV Energy Auditing
Or EcoSmart Energy Efficiency Equivalent to above (TBC)
Or Cert IV Electrical Photovoltaic Systems Policy and a signed MoU with qualified subcontractor

Note: This may be achieved by outsourcing to an appropriate person.

Management Commitment

The Business’s management and Workers in Charge at all levels are responsible (within their authoritative capacity) for ensuring that:

  • The policy objectives are incorporated into work practices
  • For ensuring a system is in place that, only workers with the above required training who are competent can give energy advice. All other workers must not give energy advice.

Worker Commitment

The Business’s Workers are responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

Responsibility for Implementation of this Policy

Responsibility for the implementation of the policy rests with the energy management qualification. Responsibility includes the development of appropriate procedures for the implementation of this policy, an annual program of action to ensure implementation, and monitoring as necessary.